Sunday, 26 April 2009

What I did with the rest of the jeans ...

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... I made a whole load of embroidered bags - using the tops of the jeans , recycling the zips to use on the tops - and plaiting the seams to make straps and belts for the bags - not a scrap wasted - everything upcyled!!

Denim Rag Quilt

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This quilt is made from several pairs of jeans and is a new technique to me - the edges are raw and then frayed. they did fray really well in the washing machine - the only down side being it broke my machine by clogging the filter and flooding my kitchen! my husband had to take it apart and clean out the i don't think i'll be making another in a hurry - although i do like the effect and it makes an excellent throw.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Mod quilt finished too!

Finished the quilting and binding - again I have used the multi coloured binding, my favourite. It brings out all the colours of the quilt.


Surprisingly I like the back loads more than I thought initially when I pieced it - the quilting in the cream thread really makes it so much more interesting


In the general stipple pattern, which I am still practicing, I have quilted hearts, flowers, stars and words that are hidden - overall I’m pleased with the result.
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mod quilt ready to quilt


oh dear - a bit of unpicking required! - forgot to put the presser foot down

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colour wheel finished!!

Even if I do say so myself – this quilt is rather lovely!! It’s bright and fresh and while it’s not perfect (as with each project I learn a few techniques and "what not to do’s") I still think it is pleasing to the eye and makes me smile - which is what I aim to achieve. All in all I am glad I’ve made it…

I only wish I had prewashed my fabric as I imagine that those reds will run even in a cold wash….ah well we shall see … and of course if it does I might have to make another one – what a shame ;-)

My high points are the multicoloured binding which picks out the colours in the wheel as it comes round - and I’m particularly pleased with the blue mitred corner.

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

mod quilt back

back of mod quilt - see here for front - i used 5 of the blocks rather than 6 and some darker beige than i have used before. its basted with pins but i think i may add a few more to be sure?

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Monday, 13 April 2009

Next steps for the colour wheel quilt

Colour wheel nearly finished quilting – I just felt in the mood to quilt and this was waiting to go. I so much prefer my new approach of waiting till I feel like doing something it makes the whole process more enjoyable. I am really pleased with how it turned out – although the sewing in the centre is a little busy. I did think about only quilting every other line to the centre – but then I realised I had left 3 coloured strips so had to go back to the original quilting pattern. I will quilt straight lines round the edges and then I am already thinking of multicoloured strip binding – like I did on this quilt. I think that will really pull out all the colours and still not be too uniform and regimented. Feeling pleased with the results so far…..

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Saturday, 11 April 2009

small purse finished

update - click on the candy wrapper link below or in the sidebar to see other photos of candy wrapper craft

side one


side 2


and that pesky zip

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this was the original idea with a row of writing


still not sure about the colours?......

what not to do when your tired


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Looking lovely – pleased with myself after trying a new technique – that is, sewing in the zip on the first chain rather than construct the purse and then sew in the zip to finish – all is going along great – 2nd row attached. Couldn’t decided whether to have the multi colour or the writing (see the inside of the purse and earlier post photos of the strips) – this is how I had folded the pieces with the idea of having a row of writing mixed in with the silver. However as usual, it changed during the making phase and I decided on the colourful side –

Feeling like it's progressing well – glad I sewed in the zip first (don’t know why I didn’t think of it before?) - Went to join the third row – School Boy Error!! I had sewn the 2nd row upside down (see the 2nd photo) – what can I say? I was tired!! And then felt rather deflated. More decisions – undo the zip (which I had sewn in so it wouldn’t move no matter what) – or remove the 2nd row? After much umming and aaahing I ripped out the zip and started to put it back in the other way up – only I decided that I really was too tired – so it’s a work in progress... it’s not the same redoing something when you have had to start again –I could have easily finished the purse without that set back …. Still I won’t make that mistake again [no really ;-)]

Friday, 10 April 2009

Candy wrappers in progress

update - click on the candy wrapper link below or in the sidebar to see other photos of candy wrapper craft


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I think I will make a multi coloured bag and some small silver purses - I think with a row of printed writing so that it is clear what the purse is made of....