Sunday, 26 October 2008

silver disco - candy wrapper purse

update - click on the candy wrapper link below or in the sidebar to see other photos of candy wrapper craft

I have finally collected enough recycled wrappers to finish the purse!!

I'm really quite pleased with it. It makes me think of 70's disco - verging on tacky - but at the same time really tactile and cool... i think i'll call it retro or vintage inspired - that seems to be all the rage - and better than saying tacky the 70's look!

Update: i have more photos of other projects - click on the candy wrapper purse tag below

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

and then...

No blogging this week as its been a bit traumatic. My dog is an elderly lady now and she had a funny turn, really scary and we thought that it was the end - fortunately she's right as rain now..and used the 2nd of her 9 lives.. It puts things into perspective as I've thought she was on her last legs for years- She must be 15 or so now - not too sure as she was a rescue dog. Sometimes I get up in the morning and she sleeps so soundly that I have to check she is still breathing!

As light relief I have started on the next candy wrapper item - or crisp packets actually - as they seem to work best - and I like the silver better than the multi coloured for this one. It just takes sooo many wrappers. My work colleagues are starting to worry when they see my looking in the bin longingly!! It's a hard task as I don't tend to eat crisps - so the raw material may be a problem - we'll see

update: i have more photos - click on the candy wrapper tag below

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

and so it continues...

update - click on the candy wrapper link below or in the sidebar to see other photos of candy wrapper craft

Well the week at work has continued as it left off and my head feels like exploding!!! add to that I've got a frozen shoulder so sitting at the machine for any time is awkward - in fact everything is getting awkward. I have been crafting instead as it's more comfortable and have made a candy wrapper purse - the prototype worked out pretty well - it's very tactile and surprisingly soft and squashy

but ran out of supplies - I think tortilla chip wrappers work best - but I only had one there is a couple of biscuit wrappers .. which of course I had to eat..;-) and even a dog biscuits plastic bag (which, for clarity, I didn't eat!) - I've learnt the technique now - I'd never seen it before till I came across it in blogland, so once I have some fresh supplies....

Saturday, 11 October 2008

baggy favourite

Another project - A bag I've made with the ubiquitous favourite fabric! The only question is - How else can I incorporate this lovely comforting material into my everyday life?

It's lovely and slouchy - and a great size - not too big to fill so its too heavy, ( I am guilty that i just keep filling my bag till it's full) but big enough to tote about my essential stuff - and that's some stuff

I played with the pockets inside and some embroidery stiches on my machine - I was please with how it turned out - you probably need to click on the picture to see the detail

Thursday, 9 October 2008

What a week!!

Work has been hectic and I’ve hardly had any brain power left to do anything else – just veg… and a bit of hand sewing with the bits from earlier Here are the results – I just think these are cute – I use them to brighten up my bags or winter coats

The main thing tonight is that I'm tired so I've put on these socks

and put my feet up.. how can't I feel better wearing these?

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Attic windows

I started a new project after the big clean. My inspiration was Attic windows from this book

Where to start? Well with the fabric choices – I didn’t have any dark blue but I think the colour choices of oranges and purples pull off the 3D effect nicely. The main problems I found were cutting out the stencils –

I thought I’d take a short cut and cut through several layers only to find I cut it the wrong way and the points were on the wrong end – funny how a short cut takes longer – I had to cut out more strips.

I think the orange border really sets it off nicely –

only the backing and binding to chose now – but I think I’ll probably start on something else – I used to want to finish one thing before starting the next but I’m finding that too restrictive so now I’m sewing on a mission.

eeek !

Firstly a big thank you to artsy-crafty babe - blogland is great - she had trouble with her machine - same type as mine - I have been remiss on taking care of it --but a word of warning -or a picutre of warning!!

I didn't realise how full of lint and fluff it could get.. I hadn't realised, or noticed really, the slow gradual build up had made a few missed stitches and general 'offness' of the sewing- but a little bit of attention ( and don't we all love that) - and we're sweet again. so i hope I've put off some trouble.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Good day for drying

It was really windy today - but good for drying and clearing out the cobwebs - anyhow it's funny how simple things can make me smile - I was bringing in my washing and this cleaning cloth was on the line-- it just made me feel a little bit happier - for no particular reason.. . I made it when I was practicing free motion quilting for the first time - apart from meandering ( I don't know what it's really called?) I was sort of trying to follow some shapes and patterns and I was just getting the feel for speed and how to move the fabric and batting etc... so I know its not brilliant - but hey I bet I've got the best cleaning cloths in my road!! - and as usual nothing goes to waste...

Anyway - look at what I acquired from my local fabric shop - recycled curtains --the small sample bits from the shop - lovely colours - and I think the pinks will make a bag - flowery outside and stripey lining - the oranges I'm thinking will be for quilts ... but who knows , the possibilities are endless !

finally for now, a teaser of a bit of non sewing sewing - you'll see what I mean when finished - it's my current favourite fabric again (what a surprise)

you can see how it frays - I cant decide if I think that it's enjoyable working with it or not- but look at the lovely soft wooliness of it ..I better stop there before I go off on one ....

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Obsessive or what? - I have just started my latest read... Jeffrey Deaver, its the 5th or 6th of his books that I've read - the Lincoln Rhymes series .. anyway due to my obviously obsessive nature I can't put it down. I have to pace myself and not pick up a book too often - otherwise nothing gets done - I'm really hoping that it's not just me! :-) Still it will only be a couple of days ( and long nights - who on earth can pick up a book to help them to go to sleep ;-) ?) and I can get back to thinking about my next project .. I really don't have time to go out to work ..needs must I suppose .. at least until I win the lottery!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

time to relax

WORDLE Word Cloud

tried this out it's good fun - i will look again later to see if my blog priorities change

anyhow- taking the day to sit and think and chill .... i find decision making EXHAUSTING .....

Saturday, 27 September 2008

gift sewing

Well I am busy with small gift ideas – I like my bag for bags – a plastic bag dispenser – just because its functional doesn’t mean it cant look good , heh?. I am currently playing with the ideas of colour and pattern – these are green themed obviously – but the red in the stripes really lifts the whole look of the bag- (the photos don't do the colours justice, they seem a bit washed out here - but they are really quite lustrous) I’m happy with it and because the fabric is quite heavy, it holds its shape – so I'm pleased and I hope the recipient will be too as they were looking for storage for their bags – lets hope

I have noticed that with these small projects I don’t have any pattern at the outset so it’s sort of organic – but I get too excited to see if it will work out...then when it does – like the bag bag I am disappointed that I didn’t spend longer doing embroidery and embellishing – however as I keep reminding myself .. Less is often more!!

Found this while out blog reading - reckons 1974 for me????

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Evening wind down

Here’s my latest bit of 'making stuff after work' , a quick evening 'make' that I get a quick fix of satisfaction for something finished – it's something I’ve been meaning to get round to for ages. It’s a thread holder for all my bits in case you cant tell from the photos, ( and no, that’s not my hand…my son was reluctantly roped in to model it for me!) I need it because my OH keeps getting accosted by women removing bits of thread from his suits!! ( I don’t know where they all come from as I’m sure I keep my work area lint free and i don't know who takes it round the house? ;-) )

So both he and I are now happy… I just love the fabric – the circles are soft and fluffy, very tactile – irresistible...I just want to stroke this material!!! I made a hobo/slouchy bag out of it and its great because you just want to hug it as its draped over your shoulder – I’ve got a metre or so left so I am thinking of items to make that I can stroke – without looking too strange if you know what I mean….

Sunday, 21 September 2008

bargello decisions

Well I ended up not cutting!!

But I really want to make a bargello top so ….. I made another strippy top! – luckily I had overcut most of the strips for the first top – so I just cut some more and patched the bits I had left and hurray – another top – and I love this one too…but I WILL cut this as I think the bargello design will be even more gorgeous – at least I hope so..

Here are the 2 and I think it shows that the colourways will be fantastic.

Anyway I am in the process of calculating how many strips and how wide for each – I sort of started with a plan but as with most of the things I create its taken a life of its own… day I will follow a pattern?

In the meantime I’m going to play - I’ve made this bag - for "stuff" - I’ve put sewing bits and bobs in for now

It's lined with a zip top and I really enjoyed the freedom of simple piecing and embroidery - and using up my stash scraps!

The flower is one of my favourites - maybe I will post how it’s made? Or links to where I found the instructions - in a Japanese site

Friday, 19 September 2008

starting bargello quilt - at least that was the idea!

all was going soooooo well.....

....until this happened

fortunately i overlocked the edges and they aren't too bulky .. hurray back on track but then, all ironed -- and i just love it. don't know if i want to cut it up now!! will i risk it?

Monday, 15 September 2008

Quilting and Stuff

I'm just starting this blog as others have inspired me with their works. So if you find anything that makes you move on to that next piece - please share....

This quilt is a work in progress - I am at the DECISION stage -is it finished? or what/where to quilt? - I'm thinking of quilting patterns in each of the white squares - but i sort of like it plain. I think i will leave it for a day or 2 and leave it laid out - maybe that will help?